Open Positions

(Last updated September 2017)

Our laboratory is always excited to hear from people who are passionate about how nanotechnology influences life sciences and vice versa. We are more entrepreneurial than most laboratories and tend to be highly collaborative and multidisciplinary. We participate in the Nanomembrane Research Group here in Rochester, so you’ll be interacting with students and professors at both RIT and UR.

Postdoctoral Researcher

We do not anticipate hiring another postdoctoral researcher within the next 6 months. If your research interests are closely aligned with one of our existing projects and you are curious about opportunities in the future, feel free to email Tom Gaborski at In your email, please explain how your background and interests match one of our projects.

Graduate Students

We accept MS students from all of the Engineering disciplines as well as Materials Science.
We accept PhD students from the Engineering and Microsystems programs.

We do anticipate accepting additional students for Fall 2018.

In general, we are looking for students who are excited about solving bioengineering problems using nanomaterials. One of our positions is funded by our recent NIH grant on ultrathin cellular barriers and co-culture systems (news article). A background in materials science, bioengineering, chemical or mechanical engineering is appropriate. Prior cleanroom OR cell culture experience is highly desired. PhD students typically receive an annual stipend of $26,700 (more if supported by a fellowship). Due to the low cost of living in the Rochester region, most graduate students can easily afford high quality housing with disposable income for hobbies or travel.

If you are a current Masters student at RIT and are seeking a thesis topic related to our ultrathin membrane research, please contact Professor Gaborski at

Undergraduate Students

Our laboratory is currently at full capacity. If you are interested in discussing a future position on our team, please stop in during office hours or send an email with your resume, interests, and any related experience to