The Gaborski NanoBio Device Lab conducts applied research at the interface of nanomaterials and cell biology. We predominantly work on biomedically inspired projects in three core areas.

Please visit our Publications page for a list of recent journal articles.

Nanomembranes and Nanomanufacturing

We are researching the fabrication of ultrathin nano- and micro-porous membranes. These membranes are typically 1/1000th the thickness of a human hair with well controlled pore sizes. Part of our work focuses on the science behind manufacturing scale-up of nanomaterials, which typically have very low yields at extraordinary cost.
We recently received funding from the National Science Foundation to develop nano manufacturing scale-up techniques to help integrate nanomembranes into miniaturized hemodialysis cartridges.

Cellular Microenvironments – Stem Cell Differentiation

We are creating novel cellular microenvironments to study heterogeneity and the differentiation of adult adipose derived stem cells (ADSCs). We use nanomembranes and microfluidics to investigate and manipulate cell-cell interactions during stem cell differentiation. Our primary interest is in the creation of a toolbox and methodologies that can be used to reliably differentiate ADSCs into a variety of cells for vascular engineering.


In our pursuit of creating unique cellular microenvironments, we are developing rapid low-cost prototyping of microfluidic channels and pumps. These devices are also being optimized for potential use in portable analyzers and cell sorters.